kerning is the adjustment of specific pairs of characters to improve spacing and fit. (This is different from letterspacing, which affects all pairs.) Most fonts come with hundreds and sometimes thousands of kerning pairs inserted by the font designer.
Below, notice how Kerning minimizes large spaces between some letter pairs that match the rest of the font.

kerning example
kerning example

Always use kerning. If you use paragraph and writing styles, enable corning as part of your style definitions.

how to turn on kerning

wordright-click in the text and se­lect Font from the menu. Click the Advanced tab. Check the box that says Kerning for fonts ____ Points and above. Put the num­ber 8 in the point-size box.
pagesKern­ing is on by de­fault and can­not be turned off.
css text-ren­der­ing: op­ti­mizeLeg­i­bil­ity , and en­able the open­type fea­ture kern


Professional page-layout programs enable kernel writing pairs manually. For professional typists, this is a mandatory skill, but for everyone else, built-in corning is sufficient.
One of those programs, Adobe InDesign, has a feature that is hated by every type of designer in the galaxy: the “optical” kerning option found in the Design Toolbar. When you enable Optical Corning, the inline ignores the Corning in the font and uses the spacing algorithm for the characters. This is similar to putting your best cashmere sweater in the washing machine. Don’t be fooled by the harmless name – it will change your font. Always use the “Measurements” option.


kerning adjusts the space, but the distance between the two characters. Combine so closely, the words are indescribable; Set too far away, they are bad to read. Even worse, if one letter has a wide gap and the other is narrow, it can be frustrating to read without fully understanding what is wrong.


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