10 Essential Graphic Design Tools For Creative Designers


10 Essential Graphic Design Tools For Creative Designers

Design work would have been out of the box lines without graphic design tools. Thanks to these graphic design materials and their developer who made these tools available. Computer Graphics These tools take the entire graphics design system to the next level. Using a graphic design studio these days, you can digitally run anything you can imagine. These graphics design tools especially like to be amateur and pro. These tools for graphics designers make design easy and attractive without being awesome. So, my appeal to amateur designers is to develop the habit of using these tools. I hope you will not be disappointed. Choosing the right graphic design tools depends on what you want to do. As a design company, we know the best tools for different approaches. We try to share our insights with you from this post of ours. The article covers 10 essential tools for graphic designers to make design convenient.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the essential tools for graphic designers, it comes with cropping, automatic adjustment, stain removal, one-touch filter, image rendering, sharing, and many more. The pixel-based photo editing road is awesome with this software. Adobe Photoshop is often used by photographers, designers, and web professionals to enhance photos and designs. It gives users creative control over image manipulation and composition. However, the tool does not have vector tools. Adobe Photoshop will help you transform your creative project. It runs on Mac and Windows. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is Photoshop CS6.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a popular vector graphics software used to create logos, typography, logos, sketches, or intricate diagrams. Illustrators can never be fast without design. They come with a plugin that helps you create a better web page. Improves plugin workflows for Illustrator with interest in features. Software is expensive. This tool works on both Windows and Mac. The latest version of this essential software for graphic designers is Illustrator CC.


3. Adobe Indesign

Adobe InDesign is a graphic design material designed to create the best layout for mobile, magazine, printed books, and publications. First choice software for professional designers. Behan and TypeKit services that come with Indesign help you to streamline your workflow and engage with photography, videos, design, and web or application development. No matter how complex this software is, as you learn it, you will increase your design skills. Supports software windows and Max OS. The latest available version of Adobe Indesign is Adobe Indesign CS6.

4. GIMP or GNU

GIMP is considering alternative image manipulation and writing software for Adobe Photoshop. Image writing is much improved with flexible tools. Their interface is fully customizable, and the fullscreen mode makes it easy to view and access the author’s image at once. While not all features of Adobe Photoshop, GIMP offers a great experience. This software is considered to be one of the best graphic design products as it has a strong support community. GIMP runs on all operating systems. The latest version of GIMP is GIMP 2.8.

5. Inkscape

Inkscape is a popular alternative to Adobe Illustrator software. It comes with features like direct editing of source code, keys to move screen pixels, editable clones on canvas, editable gradient, one-click fill paint-bucket that can’t be done in Adobe Illustrator. This is the best graphic design tools for beginners. It is completely free. It has friendly interfaces that make it easy to use. The software works well on Windows and Linux. You can run this on Mac, but some settings need to be changed. Inkscape 0.92.1 is the latest version.

6. Coral Draw

Coral Draw is a professional vector graphics software. The software is for the interested web designer. It offers the ability to create unlimited description without any restrictions. Currently, it is the most popular vector graphics software. It stands out for its compatibility with its unique interfaces and high file types. However, the software does not have some photo effects like color correction, HDR imaging, and panorama merging. Available for software windows only. Corel Draw X8 is the latest available version of the software.

7. Serif DrawPlus

Serif Troplus 2D vector graphics editor and animation software. It provides realistic, natural brushes with vector editing capability. What makes the software interesting is that it has easy interfaces. This software is only available for windows until now, as it has all the tools to create logos, animated posters, and more. However, some photo effect features such as HDR imaging and panorama merging are missing from the tool. Serif Draw Plus X8 is the latest version of the software available in the market.


8. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Xara supports both pixel-based and vector illustration tools. The software comes with wide range of illustration and photo editing features which makes the creative work easy and friendly. However, they lack live support by phone or chat. The software runs on Windows only. Xara Photo & Graphic Design 10 is the latest version available in the market.

9. Cyberlink Photo editor

Cyberlink Photo Editor is a photo enhancement software that competes with Adobe Photoshop. It lacks many of the features that Adobe Photoshop has, but with its easy interfaces and quick functionality, and a wide variety of tools, it is becoming popular among designers. Features such as face tag, content-awareness object removal, and body-slimming tool have given a new perspective to design. However, creating graphics with software is not easy. It also does not have descriptive tools that control design skills. The latest version of the software is Cyberlink Photo Editor 8.




10. Serif PhotoPlus

Serif Photoplus is an all-rounder photo editing software that includes a variety of tools. Its simple interfaces make it easy to use. However, it can take time to master the use of a wide variety of tools. It only runs on windows. Serif Photo Plus offers solutions for every photo editing needs.


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