Major issues in web development


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  1. There is no clear path. You want to give your audience a warm welcome. Give them an easy way out. More competition for attention is a method. When you offer multiple options, there are no functional result options.
  2. Outdated design. Your site was sophisticated in 2009. It has a title, two sidebars, and great info. What do you think? It looks almost a decade old. Because it is. Time to update with current design thinking. The layout of a page has evolved over the past decade. The best sites these days divide content into smaller, more digestible bits.
  3. Excess stock images and icons. If viewers see the same image on multiple sites, it destroys trust. Picture of people sitting around the convention table? They will definitely be going around a lot of offices!
  4. Many textures and colors. You try to add curiosity, but you add disorder. Control colors and fonts. Maintain a thematic color scheme. For professional sites, try to define three or fewer different fonts.
  5. Designing for the wrong reasons. Always start by identifying your target audience and customizing the design and content. You may want your site to be “modern” or just like any other site you’ve seen, but if you do not check what your visitors want and want, you may fail miserably.
  6. It’s a beautiful uncut. When your links have adorable, funny names, the experience gets tired fast. More meaningless links are not user friendly and will not compliment you on your audience. Be practical and basic when naming links. Make it easy for people. Design for multiple visits. A rotating banner is cool the first time, maybe a second, but sometimes it’s an old sight. Boring calls to action. this is a Major issues in web development
  7. Your site is not optimized for mobile. You don’t need to be reminded of this, but the numbers don’t lie. Mobile precedes desktop. Your visitors are more likely to see your site on a smaller screen. If they pinch and stretch to read, they will find better information. Don’t forget to test your site on your smartphone and tablet.
  8. You play hard to get. If customers want to find you, make sure your site has easy access to your address, phone number and hours of operation. Often, that information is hidden or completely absent.

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